About Philip Lee Harvey

Philip was born in Canterbury, England. After completing a Graphic Design degree at the Norwich School of Art and Design, Philip assisted some of the UK’s leading advertising photographers. Eager to develop his photographic career, Philip soon started taking on editorial and advertising commissions of his own.

 Since then, he has worked in over 120 countries, in environments ranging from Antarctica to the Sahara desert. His journeys have taken him to some of the world’s most inhospitable and demanding destinations.

 He has spent the past 20 years perfecting his art. Philip has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year. Alongside others given by AOP, Creative Circle, Royal Photographic Society, John Kobal, LPA, ICA, Travel Press Awards and is listed in Luzer’s Archive top 200 advertising photographers worldwide.


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I’ve had several portfolios over the years and I believe that this is the best quality I have ever seen. Roland and his team at Procine really care about what they do. Their attention to detail is truly impressive.

Philip, when looking at your pictures one thinks - besides of a highly talented photographer - of a discoverer and story teller. How do you perceive yourself?

As a photographer that travels to find his inspiration. Beauty isn’t always enough, the best images must convey emotion. Yes, I am a story teller, but I like the idea that the image isn’t complete, the viewers add the last ingredient, their own imagination. 

It seems you travel the globe for your lifetime, seeking for the most spectacular places, getting in touch with interesting people and making breathtaking photos. Have you realized the dream that so many photographers have, but so few can make true?

I am lucky, for me it's the perfect job, but it's not for everyone. It's often not as glamorous as the pictures may look. This often means long hours, physically uncomfortable situations and at times frustration. That said, when all is going well, the excitement is addictive.  

Prestigious companies such as British Airways, Shell, HSBC, Patek Philippe, Gübelin, Intercontinental Hotels, T-Mobile and many others have commissioned you to advertising photos and movies. Furthermore, you received numerous awards, including the prestigious „Travel Photographer of the Year“. Your name is listed in Lurzer's Archive, top 200 advertising photographers worldwide. That's an impressive career. What is your formula for success?

I have an old fashioned work ethic, it's not a holiday for me, I really care about my work. Success takes time to achieve, yet can disappear very quickly. You have to constantly challenge yourself and the way you make images. You must practice and learn your craft and then you are in control of the creativity. Overnight success takes about 20 years.

Philip, what is your view on the future of professional photography? Could it become insignificant as the film is gaining ground?

It's changing all the time and you have to be aware of new trends. The tricky part is allowing new influences in your work, but also staying true to yourself. It's no good chasing trends as they come and go. I shoot motion as well and to me that's just part of being a photographer these days. You have to embrace it, and I find it exciting being able to work with sound and sequences. At the moment, a photographic eye and the want to learn and embrace changes is the key whether it's in stills or film.

Philip, you ordered a Portfolio book from us which we handcrafted with great joy and honor. What do prints mean for you in this digital world and what is your opinion on our making?

I love being able to show prints. We look at so much on screens, I feel that a portfolio is more important now than ever. It gives my clients a chance and time to appreciate the craft of what we do. I’ve had several portfolios over the years and I believe that this is the best quality I have ever had. Roland and his team at Procine really care about what they do. Their attention to detail is truly impressive.

Philip, many thanks for your views and take care!

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