Silver halide photo prints

The traditional silver halide photo paper still outperforms other techniques in terms of colour rendering, durability and robustness.

Colour photo paper has a proven track record of 80 years. Now, due to innovative cyan dispersion and emulsion technology, you can benefit from an even larger colour gamut, all the while maintaining clean whites, rich blacks, and realistic skin tones. We combine these advantages with the latest digital print technology. Owing to high tech RGB laser guns and sophisticated photometric testing, we can guarantee a contstant, repeatable colour reproduction in professional quality - and this at the most competitive prices. Picture sizes from 70 - 150 cm width and up to 300 cm length are made on Inkjet printers.


Fuji photo prints and prices


Paper quality: Fuji Crystal Archive in deep matte, fine lustre, glossy, metallic
Standard sizes of fine lustre and glossy: from 9 x 9 to 9 x 45 cm / 10 x 10 to 10 x 45 cm / 13 x 13 to 13 x 90 cm / 20 x 20 to 20 x 250 cm / 30 x 30 to 30 x 250 cm / 40 x 40 to 40 x 250 cm / 50 x 50 to 50 x 250 cm / 60 x 60 to 60 x 250 cm
Sizes of metallic paper: from 30 x 30 to 30 x 250 cm / 50 x 50 to 50 x 250 cm
Special sizes: anything between 9 x 9 and 60 x 250 cm on any of the three paper qualities
Picture sources:  digital files, dias, negative and black and white films
File settings: sRGB colour space; 300 dpi; JPG, TIF or PNG
Delivery period: max. 2 working days for online orders
Order procedure: via our Prociné Designer software or by data carrier



Kodak fine lustre_72dpi.jpg

Fine lustre

This paper - also known as semi-matte - is ideal for people photography. The silk screen structure gives a valuable look and disperses the light. A fully matte texture would appear flat and a glossy one often shows unwanted, strong light reflection. This fine lustre paper is a good compromise - neither glossy nor dull.

Prices: from CHF 0.80 (10 x 15 cm)

Kodak glossy_72dpi.jpg


A paper designed for razor-sharp image rendering, while fine tones are still maintained. Ideally, you take this quality for landscape, architecture or product photography. It's the best choice when intense colours and high contrasts are desired, but still within a realistic scenario.

Prices: from CHF 0.80 (10 x 15 cm)

Kodak metallic_72dpi.jpg


Premier metallic paper has the distinctive, attention-getting, metallic appearance that will draw all eyes to your work. It helps creating striking, glamorous prints with exceptional visual interest and depth that will appeal to professional photographers, specifiers and display designers seeking a dramatic look.

Prices: from CHF 42.00 (30 x 45 cm)

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