Book design

The beauty of a photo book lies not only in the pictures but also in their arrangement.

To give a general rule for a successful outcome: simplicity counts or less is more. This is why our page styles in the Prociné Designer are kept straightforward. An ample choice of design possibilities tempt the less experienced creator to try them out. Hence, wild and colourful backgrounds and a mixture of borders and font styles. As a result, the expressiveness of the pictures erodes, since the viewer's eye gets distracted.

Of course, we can help you via remote support free of charge if you get stuck or need advice. Also, it's part of our service to verify each book project before production is started. If you have neither time nor desire to create your book, we can do it for you. Get in touch with us and we make you an offer based on the estimated time required.


Not recommended design

Bookdesign_with background.jpg

Wild backgrounds


Bookdesign_mixed borders.jpg

Different borders


Bookdesign_mixed fonts.jpg

Various font styles


Recommended design

Bookdesign_no background.jpg

Subtle background


Bookdesign_one border.jpg

Straightforward borders


Bookdesign_unique font.jpg

Unique font style

Let us know if we should take over your design work.